Thursday, 31 January 2013

First days at the Room

The StillRoom opened.
Gillian and I had our first tea, one peppermint and one vanilla tea, on Monday evening during the first Library night of the Room and yesterday Sandra gave her first yoga class.
The Room is almost fully finished, I still want to add few details, but I believe that its feeling is already quite right: it feels warm and relaxing and I believe that the first person that came last night for yoga was quite lucky to have a one to one yoga class. I take this opportunity to thank her for being the first person to attend one of our classes. I hope there will be soon more people who will join us soon.
For the Library night, I’m thinking to start a book club and a writing club every second Monday and maybe if there is any interest starting some foreign language conversation.
For the book club, I’m thinking that it would be nice to choose to read books from authors around the world, a bit like a fictional journey “around the world in 80 books”, even though maybe to make it more manageable, our target could be maybe 10 books. This journey could start from East, maybe from big Russia then proceed to some northern European writer and continue to German speaking countries stopping in the Mediterranean area for a bit of sun, going to France and then across then the sea and the Ocean to land in the English speaking land. Then we could move down to the colourful and magic land of Latin America and again across  another Ocean to stop for a visit in the far east, to finally heading back towards what now is west, and, passing through India and the Middle East, end our travel in the hard and soulful African continent.
If anybody wants to suggest book from the different countries/language please send us your list, already choosing the books will be fun and exciting.
For the writing club, it would be nice to share short stories and fairy tales for our little ones, but this is just a brainstorming, so every new idea is welcome.

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