Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How we think it could work.

The StillRoom is just a Room available for everybody who needs a place to relax, to pose and meditate or to do some gentle exercise, to think and to reason, to share ideas with others, to listen, to learn or to teach something new or old but forgotten, to create something with recycled materials or with any materials you can think of, to read and...  possibilities are as many as we can think.

At the start, the Room will be open only the evenings when there is an activity scheduled, but we hope to be able to keep it open  regularly at some stage.

The Room can  be booked for a minimum of two hours, longer session as opening during the day during the week might or at weekends is possible if there is the request for it. The reason of the two hours minimum time for each booking derives from  he idea at the foundation of this space: that  is to provide a certain quality of services and to purposely give ourselves time for tuning in any activities and confronting each other after a common experiences when possible without having to rush to be anywhere else. 

§        If you are interested in renting the Room to run your own paying fees activity we propose the following fees schedule:
¨      20 euro per session of  two hours,
¨      40 euro for half day,
¨      80 euro for a full day
2)       If you instead want to organize a free of charge activity, the use of the Room is free except for a symbolic token for the coffee of:
¨        2 euro per person for small groups (less than 5 persons)
¨       10 euro for the bigger groups,
§          For activities coordinated by The StillRoom, the participation will be free except for a symbolic donation of 2 euro per meetings or a monthly membership plan will be available for 10 euro per month for persons. the membership will entitle not only to participate to the Room's activities but also access to our books. 
§        For support groups and activities which are beneficial to some charity of your choice the use of the Room will be free of charge, freely given donations for this activities will be accepted.

The reason for the fees schedule above is to cover the cost to set up the Room, to keep the Room open and to be able to provide a quality service, and if at any stage we will be operating with some profit, the profit will be reused to expand the Room and the type of activities offered.
We aim  to give full transparency of our activities, so we will strive to regularly publish on our website the details of our costs, revenues, donations received if any and donations made to any particular cause we believe in, if things might take long, please note that at the moment this is organized by one person with full time work so there might be some delays.

If you feel that anything we propose is unfair or you would suggest something different, feel free to contact us with your proposal.

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